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Dégustation Chocolat

Give yourself a chocolate moment and learn to awaken your senses

Use your five senses since each gives you a different but complementary sensation

Are you ready? Let me be your guide :

Pures origines

Discover the rare fragrance of a Venezuela 70% cocoa with its hot spicy taste and floral aromas. As it stays in your mouth you sense a hint of acidity.

An Ecuador 70% cocoa, this connoisseur's chocolate melts in your mouth with a subtle and unique taste. After a first sensation, the aromas of wood, tobacco and tea become more refined on your palate.

A Madagascar 70% cocoa , the aromatic character of this chocolate is almost immediately perceptible. Citrus fruit notes are present, with a focus on lemony flavours.

A Dominican Republic 70% cocoa with a light rich liquorice, pepper and nutmeg flavour. Slightly tart, its aromas give it a great purity, worthy of a high class chocolate.

Chocolat tablette

A Papua New Guinea 70% cocoa , a totally original extra dark chocolate bar...Here, the combined flavours of chopped herbs, a leathery earthy taste, an aggressive yet harmonious and sensual chocolate.

An Ivory Coast 70% cocoa,this very well-balanced Ivory Coast cocoa chocolate has an original basic taste with a light flavour of pastries on the floor of your mouth.

A Sao Tomé 70% cocoa,the exceptional quality of chocolate of Sao Tomé origin is that it combines many spices and teas. The combination of cocoa, bitterness and woody flavours gives this chocolate all its character! You can taste a hint of blackberry pulp and star anise, flavours which truly bring out its subtle woody hints.

Savour the fruity aromas of a Tanzania 75% cocoa, its intense and subtle flavour has an underlying spicy fruity taste which lingers in your mouth.

Uganda 80% cocoa, is renowned for its classic cocoa flavour and low acidity. This rich dark chocolate has a supreme taste of cocoa with hints of earthiness, mushrooms and a subtle smoky aroma.

A Peru 64% cocoa , has a slightly bitter taste with the freshness of fruity notes accentuated by a bouquet of dried fruit rendering this chocolate unforgettable.

A Vietnam 64% cocoa ,with an intense taste revealing some fruity flavours.

A Brésil 70% de cacao, with a smoky, slightly bitter taste and a hint of tobacco leaf.

And finally Mexico 70% cocoa , a rare chocolate with complex aromas, woody and spicy flavours and a perfume revealing a hint of liquorice.

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