Journey to the heart of chocolate,
the visitor route _

Fèves de cacao

An introductory chocolaty path! While Max Vauché is first and foremost a master chocolate maker, he’s happy to swap his hat for a chocolate pedagogue and historian’s cap. His aim is to see his guests leave the chocolate factory with some knowledge of the origins and processing of chocolate.

As you cross the threshold, the magic of chocolate transports you to the island of Sao Tomé. Plunged into the heart of the plantations, reconstructed with depiction of the three crafts, on your path you will come across SaoToméan planters busy at work.

Called "Le Couverturier" the processing workshop will open its doors to visitors. "Here, they will see the bags of cocoa beans which, in the introductory film, they saw leaving the island of Sao Tomé - and they will witness the processing. “ The couverturier will make what’s known as couverture chocolate.

Fèves séche chocolat

Thanks to the large bay windows overlooking the laboratory, visitors can watch the chocolate craftsmen work. It will make your mouth water!

Max Vauché has also built up an important collection of chocolate-making instruments used since the 19th century when chocolate was first industrialised and democratised.

"Everything I have learned from what I’ve read, from my journeys to cocoa-related places, everything I have collected in the way of objects, materials, samples and documentary videos, are here.

You will find moulds, grinders, and, in fact, a reconstruction of a laboratory built in1848, a famous date for chocolate and for the Blésoise region, since this is when the Poulain factory was founded. The showcases are adorned with superb hot chocolate pots from all eras together with other chocolate-related curiosities.

The cherry on the chocolate is the tasting you can enjoy at the end of the visit. You leave after feasting your eyes on chocolate, and knowing a little more about its history and manufacture.

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