History of chocolate :
from planting to tasting _

Histoire du chocolat

Chocolate is recognised as a delicacy, a tropical product, but did you realise that when we bite into the bar, we are in fact linking into an almost legend-like story?

Chocolate: where does the word come from?

From the Aztec word "chocoalt".

The origin of the word comes from the "nahuatl chocolate”, from the words "alt" (water) and "choco", an onomatopoeic word inspired by the sound the liquid makes when it’s beaten.

The Maya were the first to invent a hot bitter cocoa drink made from crushed cocoa beans and spices. Later the Aztecs adapted the recipe, sweetening it with vanilla and honey. They called their drink "xocoatl", meaning "bitter water".

Mexico, a land of myths and beliefs, is at the origin of the birth of chocolate. An Aztec legend recounts that Quetzalcoalt, a benevolent, wise god, brought cocoa to Earth and offered mankind this food, until then reserved for the Gods. At the time people thought it had beneficial properties and they still do today. For more about the true history of chocolate, visit the Max Vauché chocolate factory.

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