Max Vauché_

Max Vauche Artisant Chocolatier

About Max Vauché - Know-how

From teaching us the history of chocolate to letting us taste it, all on its own the Max Vauché chocolate factory symbolises the culture of chocolate. In 1999, Max Vauché became a Master Chocolate Craftsman.

Max Vauché is so passionate about chocolate that he wants to share it.

He wants to tell the story of this noble product, explain where it comes from, how it is processed and worked.

The need is virtually visceral.

In October 2008, Max Vauché was awarded the first National "Stars et Métiers" prize (which rewards the success and know-how of a craft company) in the "Global Innovation Strategy" category for the creation of his chocolate factory: it also recognises his solidarity with the cocoa producers of the island of Sao Tomé and Principe. This national prize is organised jointly by the Banque Populaire Group and the network of Chambers of Trade and Crafts to encourage excellence, audacity and innovation and highlight passionate business leaders.

Max Vauché is expanding his know-how by the way he processes chocolate. In addition to the chocolate makers' laboratory, the Couverturier's laboratory turns the cocoa bean into couverture chocolate.

Since September 2017, Max Vauché has processed cocoa beans from Mexico, called CACAO MAYA – using the Maya method!